Friday, June 4, 2010


Another classic, and still a winner... grab your extra blankets and pull the couch apart. It's time to make some hidey holes. We had a dragon on one side of the living room


And a rabbit on the other.
They didn't get along. An epic battle ensued.

Also, I was attacked by this guy
when I crawled under the coffee table to take refuge in "my" cave. He looks cute (except for that one weird red eye) but is way too into slobbering on me.

Oh, and we also had a tunnel...

For extra fun, pretend to make -- or really make in the microwave -- smores over a throw-pillow fire and enjoy!

** my cousin Nicole reminded me of this idea. Thanks, Nicole! If you have any great ideas you'd like to share with the Turkey Pie readers, e-mail me.

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