Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And We're Back!

Stickers and Habitats

We're starting off on the not-so-creative side of things, folks. I've got to work up to the good stuff.

The girls and I found this big book of animal stickers at our favorite store (Target.)


The girls love animals and all kinds of creatures. They spent quite a while drawing habitats and putting the appropriate stickers on.
"The African Sabannah"

I must not have taken a picture of the ocean scene. Here's the one Brenna and I did together. She told me what to draw and I obliged, and then she did the stickers.

Let Your Flag Fly!

Here's a project my friend Margie put together for our Pre-K Sunday School class this last Sunday (Memorial Day.) She pre-cut all the strips of paper and the blue rectangle. If your kids are older, they could cut out the stripes themself. If they're a lot older, this could be a measuring exercise. No matter how you do it, they sure are cute!


Well Hello There, Friends!

Turkey Pie is back for a 2nd summer of fun! As usual, we can't promise original ideas, but we can promise inspiration. We hope the fun things we do this summer help you figure out fun things to do with your little turkeys.

Sydney and Brenna are so pumped for summer this year. Not only because we've got trips, learning adventures, beach extravaganzas... and even a trip to Europe planned, but because...... drumroll.... Daddy's coming home from deployment in the middle of July!

First up for the girlies, is a fun "camp" at our local museum. We happen to be members, so we get a newsletter each month. In one of these I happened to notice they were offering kids classes. We decided on The Littlest Naturalists Meet Creatures of Confusion, where they are learning about moths vs. butterflies/ spiders vs. insects/whales & other mammals, etc. It meets daily for a week, from 1:30 to 4p.m. And because we're members, we got a nice discounted rate.

Here they are on the first day:

We live in a great area for classes/camps. Check out your local art studios, gymnastics places, art, science, children's or learning museums and see what fun things they have planned. And do it fast, those spaces fill up quickly! If you haven't already gone in search of Kid's Day Out programs at your local churches, that's a thought too.

We are continuing our gymnastics classes through June, and we have 2 soccer games left, so we are plenty busy already. And that's how we like to stay.