Friday, July 23, 2010


I know painting seems kind of messy. It definitely has to be supervised. Keep a box of wipes handy. But there's just nothing like it. It's very therapeutic.


You know what's also therapeutic? Barrettes.

I've not yet run across a kid who doesn't love painting.

Here is E's road:
I don't know what happened up there in the right hand corner. But it doesn't look good! ;-)

I recommend this paint. You can find it at Wal-Mart and Target, for cheaper than that link.
We put it on a sturdy paper plate that has a lip.

S likes to do her own thing, so first she colored, and then when everyone else was about done, she dove into the painting.

I rarely use smocks, but you could. I find that if I'm sitting right there with a baby wipe in my hand, the mess never gets too out of control. I just don't know that I will EVER stop buying baby wipes. Even though we are technically past that stage now.

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  1. Old "daddy shirts" are our paint smocks (also used for spaghetti night...), and the kids think it's extra funny to be in Daddy's black t-shirts.

    Oh, and I second you on never giving up baby wipes. I tried to convince my husband to take them with him on deployments(no dice).