Saturday, July 3, 2010

Car Wash

Hello! I'm guest blogging for Jill today. I'm Tanya and have two busy boys - Andrew just turned 5 and Jonathan is 2. Also, I'm pregnant and tired. So, finding activities that require minimal work on my part are a main goal of mine! The other day I was trying to water a brown spot in the yard while the boys played. They immediately noticed the unattended hose and started watering every thing in the yard, mostly our cement slab that didn't need water. So, I directed them back to the brown spot and a car wash was born! They also found their paint brushes and painted, with water of course, until it was time to go in for rest time.

The down sides of this activity: a slightly higher water bill and more laundry. Jonathan was soaked from head to toe and required a new outfit. That was partly due to Andrew's wild spraying mostly directed at his brother rather the cars. Now if I could just teach them to wash our real cars...


  1. Hi Tanya. Thanks for guest blogging. :)

    We used to do this when I was a kid. We'd get all our neighbor kids to bring their bikes over and we'd just go crazy. Lots of soapy bubbles required! It was tons of fun!

  2. Thanks, Tanya! Love it. Love those boys too!