Friday, July 23, 2010

Girly Playdate!

We had new friends over -- and by new, I mean we had never met them before. That's the Air Force life, folks! -- for a fun playdate yesterday.

We had lunch and played with ponies for a while (a given) before heading out to the backyard for some wading pool time. Afterwards we did a little art work, which I will feature tomorrow. And then we decided to dig out the play clothes and ham it up!

Fashion show (set to the tune of Candy Cane Jane by the Laurie Berkner Band) :


After one costume change:

Then we moved on to play dance class:
We stood in a circle and pointed our toes (tap, tap, tap)
We practiced our pirouettes, our spins, our bows and our curtsies.
We did them together and then took turns showing off our skills.

Then we put the music back on, and put the CD on random, so whatever came up, that's what we danced to. Taking turns:

And then some duets:

I wish I had some pictures of the dance class before the performances, but I was busy supervising.

They just loved this. We had a grand ole time.

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